Manual valves

Astore PVC manual valves are suitable for industrial applications, irrigation and agriculture system, swimming pools, on-off control in water distribution and water treatment.

Astore PVC manual valves are supplied in the following versions: 111-724(new) series: double union ball valves for industrial and chemical applications. 302-303-322-335 series single union and double union ball valves and 800 series butterfly valves for water transport and distribution. 305 series : single union ball valves for irrigation system. 334-420(new)-426(new) series double union ball valves for swimming pools. For diverting or mixing fluids Astore offers 3-way ball valves, 930 series.
Air release valves (1V220), foot valves (1V210) , no return valves (1V230) and wafer check valves (CLP series) are also available. The Astore valves follow the Directive of the European Parliament PED 97/23/CE regarding pressure equipment.

Reference standards
Metric series : to ISO 727, EN 1452/4, BS 4346/1 comply with pipes to ISO 161/1, BS 3506, BS 3505. Threaded series : to UNI ISO 228/1, DIN 2999, BS 21. Flanged series: to DIN 2501, ISO dis. 9624, UNI 2223. BS 10 table d/e, ASA ANSI b16.5 class 150, JIS 2212 (k10 and k5).

Pressure rating to 20°C
Ball valves: PN 16 bar up to d. 63 mm-2″, PN 10 bar from d.75-2½” up to d.90-3″, PN 6 bar up to d. 110mm-4″. Butterfly valves: PN 10 bar up to d.225, PN 6 to d.280, PN 4 to d.315. Wafer check valves CLP series: PN 5.

Ball valves: body in gray or black PVC, handle in PVC ( gray, black, blue or red), ball seat in PTFE or PE, o-rings EPDM or FPM. Butterfly valves: handle in red PVC, o-rings in EPDM, stem in zinc-plated steel, body in gray PVC. Wafer check valves: body and disc in PVC, o-ring in EPDM.